3 Keys to Better Pickleball

We all want to play better pickleball.  Most of us play every chance we get.  We may even drill with friends.  Gosh, we may even take a lesson or go to a clinic.  But for many, they want to get better faster.  Well, there are three keys to better pickleball.
better pickleball

Better Pickleball Key #1. Know your weaknesses.

Knowing what you struggle with helps you identify what you have to “protect” a bit, in a game.  It also identifies for you what you need to work on to improve.  Even if you feel confident in all of your shots you want to pick out one you think has the most room for improvement.  This is an important factor in setting goals for yourself

Better Pickleball Key #2. Know your strengths.

Knowing what you are really good at will help you make those strengths even better.   You will also be able to plan your play around those shots in particular. If you have a preference for a forehand volley, then position yourself to get that forehand more often.  Even if that ball is coming right at your backhand, your first instinct might be to take a backhand.  But if you know, with certainty, that you can do more with that forehenad than move your feet and hips in a way so you can make that forehand happen.


Better Pickleball Key #3. Improve in both areas.

Dedicate yourself to always learning and improving. Challenge yourself every day.  People always want to work on the shot they have the most trouble with and of course this is important.  But don’t forget your weapons.  You can always make your weapons even stronger or find ways to use them more often.

Of course we all want to feel more confident and play better pickleball  But I don’t believe there is one person out there that has the perfect forehand or third shot.  We can all find ways to improve whether that be in speed, technique, or consistency.   Goals are key to anything you want to improve.  Setting goals to address your biggest weakness and greatest strength is an important step to pickleball mastery.


4 thoughts on “3 Keys to Better Pickleball

  1. I’ll be taking a ‘Doubles’ clinic from you in Bend the day before our OR Senior Games tournament. Is there a way I can get the topic matter now, so I (we) can be working on the techniques prior to your Clinic and more importantly our OSG Men’s Doubles matches the day after your Clinic?

  2. I play pickleball for the fun of it and when I hit back I hit to the stronger player because it
    keeps the game going. I am a senior and I play hard and I always try to get point but if
    I don’t it doesn’t matter because I have fun and I complement the other players when
    they make a good shot
    Bud E

  3. Went to a clinic in Richmond today. It was good but our group would like to learn more about low serves, cutting the ball and slicing. So you have anything coming up? We could organize a group of 10 at the MU Rec Center.

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