brigham city

Brigham City Utah…If You Love Pickleball You Have to Make the Trip

“We spent time following the TOC in Brigham City, Utah.  Frankly, Brigham City is a small town I never thought I would spend so much time in.  The Peach Days Carnival is the big draw in town; taking up all of Main Street. But of course, we were there for pickleball.

tournament mistakes

5 Pickleball Tournament Mistakes to Avoid

Pickleball tournaments can be grueling mentally and physically.  Competition today is tough and getting tougher. The last thing you want to do is commit one of these tournament mistakes.

anticipate a pickleball opponents shots

Pickleball Must: Proper Paddle Position

One of the biggest problems pickleball players have is getting too hunched over at the NVZ line.  Today we are going to talk about how posture promotes proper paddle position.

hitting a wall

Hitting a Wall…Is Your Game Stuck?

I love pickleball.  I am crazy about this sport, as most of you are. One of the biggest things I love about pickleball is how much I can still learn and grow.  However, at times I feel like I hit a wall…I feel stuck.  Does this ever happen to you?

foot faults

Pickleball Foot Faults: Do You See Them?

Today we are going to focus on pickleball foot faults.  We will talk about the causes and how we can detect them in ourselves, our partner and those we are playing against.  Do you think you see foot faults during play?


Do You Think About Where to Dink?

  Many players define a successful dink as a soft shot from the NVZ line that lands anywhere in the non-volley zone.  However, I have a different theory as to where to dink.

3 P's

The 3 P’s to Pickleball Improvement

What is your pickleball goal? Is it to just play, or do you hope to improve?  If you said, just play…that’s fine.  However, if your goal is improvement pay attention to these 3 P’s.

comfortable pickleball

Pickleball Mastery vs a Pickleball Quick Fix

When students come for a lesson, they often are looking to improve a specific shot….how can I block a ball? How do I hit an overhead? Can you show me how to impart more pace or spin? Many times people are looking for a quick fix.

ansboury academy

Footwork is Key to Your Pickleball Success

If you have ever been to one of my clinics I talk a lot about how to properly use your body.  Since our point of connection to the ground is our feet, today we talk about footwork…your key to pickleball success.