pickleball bullseye

Pickleball Bulleye: You Have One on Your Chest

One of the biggest differences between an advanced and intermediate pickleball player is where they hold their paddle. I want you to visualize a pickleball bull’s eye on your chest.

sherri Steinhauer

LPGA Veteran Sherri Steinhauer Loves Pickleball

During my recent swing through the California desert, I was playing at Freedom Park.  It just so happens three time British Open champion Sherri Steinhauer was playing that day as well.  As she and her 4.5 partner were preparing for a tournament, I asked if we could play.


Pickleball Stacking…It Seems Everyone is Doing It

Stacking is so common in pickleball now.  You will rarely find a high level match where the partners don’t stack at one point or another.  Today we’ll explore why stacking is becoming more popular and how it might benefit you.


Thoughts on Pickleball Balls

There is a lot of discussion about the various pickleball balls on the market.  Everyone has an opinion and most people have a preference.  Everyone wants a consistent ball, and that makes sense.

professional pickleball federation

Professional Pickleball Federation

Pickleball has come a long way since I started playing just a few years ago. This year we launched the Professional Pickleball Federation.  Its goal is to advance the sport through the support, promotion, and creation of opportunities for professional players to achieve excellence in pickleball.

pickleball score

Remembering the Pickleball Score

There are a lot of things to think about on the pickleball court…many of these cause us stress.  Keeping track of your pickleball score should not add to your stress.

video analysis

Video Analysis of Your Pickleball Game

Linh and I made a few big decisions when we uprooted our lives and decided to travel around the country one pickleball court at a time. I would say we made a simple mission statement. “We wanted to contribute to players who do not have as much access to the sport.  We wanted to go […]

brigham city

Brigham City Utah…If You Love Pickleball You Have to Make the Trip

“We spent time following the TOC in Brigham City, Utah.  Frankly, Brigham City is a small town I never thought I would spend so much time in.  The Peach Days Carnival is the big draw in town; taking up all of Main Street. But of course, we were there for pickleball.