how pickleball has changed

Steve Paranto Reflects on How Pickleball Has Changed

I read a post on RV Picklers about how pickleball has changed over the last 7-10 years.  I wanted to learn more, so I contacted Steve Paranto.  Steve is one of my mentors and is the best person I know who can speak to pickleball’s evolution.

passing shot

Pickleball Singles Strategy Part 3: Passing Shots

The most basic strategy in pickleball singles is to follow your return to the net and take advantage of your position by creating angles. However, some players prefer to stay at the baseline and hit passing shots.

pickleball singles

Pickleball Singles Strategy Part 2: Drop It

We all utilize a third shot drop when playing doubles, but I found this shot has real value when playing pickleball singles as well.  It is a singles strategy I learned from one of my mixed partners, Wesley Gabrielsen.  You see it more in the men’s game … but it can be applied to women’s […]

singles strategy

Pickleball Singles Strategy Part 1

  I realize most people play doubles, however more and more I am being asked to focus on pickleball singles strategy by students.  Today begins a three-part series focusing on singles strategies.  

contact the ball

Contact the Ball: Tennis Players Beware

In tennis, we learned it was all about preparation. We turned our body’s as we approached the ball so we could hit a forehand or a backhand.  However, often we made contact with the ball to the side of us.  This tennis tendency must change when you play pickleball.

pickleball footwork

Pickleball Footwork: Stop Before You Hit

Today we are going to review a mistake I see many people make on the pickleball court.  It is critical to learn proper pickleball footwork.  And a big part of that is learning to stop before you hit the ball.

move too much

Former Tennis Players: Are You Moving Too Much?

Last week we highlighted the differences between tennis balls and pickleballs. Today we focus on another difference. Every tennis player needs to ask themselves if they are moving too much when they play pickleball.