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Footwork is Key to Your Pickleball Success

If you have ever been to one of my clinics I talk a lot about how to properly use your body.  Since our point of connection to the ground is our feet, today we talk about footwork…your key to pickleball success.

what motivates you to play pickleball

What Motivates You to Play Pickleball?

What motivates you to play pickleball?  Is it a fun way to lose weight?  Is it the social aspects of the game…catching up with friends between matches or heading out for a hardy brunch after you play?  For many entering tournaments keeps them working on their game.  Perhaps it is just plain fun!  Today let’s […]

pickleball practice

Pickleball Practice: Keep it Simple and Focused

We recently completed a three-day Academy in Traverse City, Michigan.  These events are great as there is a lot of information packed into a full weekend.  But at the same time, this can be overwhelming.  So today we are going to talk about how to incorporate new pickleball skills into your game.  It is important […]

grip pressure

Check Your Grip Pressure

I was teaching new players recently, that were holding the paddle much too tight.  Today we are going to talk about how you grip the paddle and how much grip pressure is really required.


Pickleball Key: Stay Hydrated

It is still not officially summer, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t already warm in many parts of the country.  As the temperatures rise, staying hydrated becomes increasingly important.

pickleball clinic

Pickleball Clinics and Traveling Down the Road

We have had a really busy month. We have held pickleball clinics in Hiawassee Georgia, Asheville North Carolina, and Rehoboth Beach Delaware.  Wherever we travel, we take the opportunity to play recreationally with “the locals”.  What fun!

mental side

Pickleball Challenges: The Mental Side of the Game

We often practice our shots…thinking that perfecting our strokes is the key to winning.  But if we don’t control the mental side of the game we will often come up short.  Today, we’ll focus on preparing yourself mentally before a tournament.