Changing Pickleball Paddles for Indoor and Outdoor Play

I know a lot of players who change pickleball paddles when they play indoors vs outdoors.  I don’t, but I can certainly understand why some players do.

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Indoors vs Outdoors

The game definitely changes when you go indoor or outdoor.  The ball inside is much softer and is easier to control.  Outside controlling ball flight can be a bit tougher.  Weather and elevation can also have an effect on outdoor play.

Some players want a bit of extra help with power when playing outside.  Others say they want more control.   As I have written before, the most important this is to do what makes you feel most comfortable when you play.  So I don’t want to discourage you from changing pickleball paddles if that makes you more comfortable.  If I felt it gave me an advantage, I wouldn’t have a problem doing it.

Adding Weight to a Pickleball Paddle

I have had adjusted my paddle for elevation changes before. Usually when I come in and don’t have much time to practice in the conditions I have either changed paddles or added weight to my usual paddle.  To add weight to a pickleball paddle, often players add lead tape to the edge of the paddle.  However, this will change the balance of the paddle.  For example, adding more weight to the head of the paddle will add more power to the ball.  (You can order lead tape on Amazon or anywhere tennis equipment is sold.)

Also, be aware, that today there are legal and not legal ways to add weight to a paddle.  I met one man that bought beads at a store and glued them to the face of the paddle. This would not be allowed in a sanctioned tournament.  If you play in sanctioned events, take the time to understand the rules.

Playing in Utah

When I played in Utah a few weeks back, I did add some extra weight to my paddle.  I loved it, however, when I returned to Texas it just felt off.

Paddles are supposed to compliment our games.  So experiment.  Perhaps you want to play with a different paddle indoors.  Perhaps you want power when you play singles and finesse when you play doubles.  There are lots of pickleball paddle options…so experiment and find what works best for you.