Guiding You on Your Journey to Pickleball Mastery

We may have difficulty defining mastery, but we know it when we see it.  And though we know it is not a destination, we know it will bring us joy.  I believe the journey to pickleball mastery doesn't require a special ticket, i.e. athletic ability.  It isn't reserved for the young, or the strong.  The journey can start at any age.  Be you woman or man.  It is defined by each of us in a uniquely individual way.  

You may want to compete or just have more fun, and confidence, playing with friends?

Perhaps you've realized that playing tennis when you're playing pickleball is not a winning strategy?

You might want to develop a killer overhead smash, or just want to return a backhand?

Perhaps you just want to learn to be a better partner.  

Whether you want to make small steps, or giant strides, it's best to have someone to guide you.  I'd welcome the opportunity to guide you via clinics, private lessons, and video analysis.

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I host and participate in clinics across the country. I prefer to work with smaller groups so that each participant gets the opportunity to work directly with me. If you don't see a clinic listed in your area,  contact me to learn how we can work together to bring a clinic to your hometown.


Upcoming Clinics

Sarah Ansboury


As I travel, I offer private instruction.   What do you want to work on?   What are your goals?  Want to work one-on-one or with a partner?  Bring a third friend, and have a playing lesson with me.  Or arrange a foursome.    To arrange the time, place and format that meets your needs please contact me. 

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Ansboury Academy

Three to five-day pickleball academies are being held throughout the country.  These immersive pickleball training experiences provide 8 hours or instruction, and plenty of opportunities to practice what you have learned.   To ensure you get the attention you deserve, the academies are limited to 12 students. 

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C. Ingram wrote:  “I wanted to say thanks for working me into the Buena Vista clinics. I learned more from you than in all the clinics and lessons combined in which I have attended. It was mind blowing.”

M. Foley reports, “By limiting the size of her clinics, Sarah is able to provide personal attention to every student.  I got more out of my one clinic with Sarah, than all the others I attended combined.”

N. Jeffries said, “I really wasn’t sure why I wasn’t playing as well as I drilled.  Sarah’s video analysis identified the areas that I needed to focus on.  Her virtual coaching is almost like having her court side.”

L. Rasmussen says, “After taking Sarah’s clinic I won two Gold Medals in my very next tournament.  Thanks Sarah!”

D. Shaw wrote, “Sarah is the first instructor that was able to consistently improve my game.  She has dramatically improved my dinks, third shots, and ground strokes.  She is able to recognize the limitations due to age and reflexes and help me adjust to effectively master my shots.”