My Pickleball Challenge for You

I loved the responses I got from a recent post about the growth of pickleball.  So today I thought I would offer you a pickleball challenge.   I want to challenge you to grow the game we all love.

pickleball challenge

Help Someone New Learn Pickleball

My challenge is for you to help someone learn this great sport.  Whether it’s someone new showing up to open or recreational play, or someone who just stops and watches for a bit.  If they seem curious, why not strike up a conversation or invite them to join in.   Of course, you also want to extend yourself to the others already in line that perhaps are coming for the first time.  Play with them.  Welcome them to your group.  Find out about them, and you may learn you have more in common than just pickleball.

Take it a step further

  • Perhaps there is someone at work that needs an outlet;
  • Or a friend you know who once play a competitive sport;
  • Perhaps you know someone that wants to get in better shape.

Invite them out to play.  Spur their curiosity by sending them a YouTube video, or create wacky, fun games to keep them engaged as they improve.

Don’t Accept the First “No”

As I think back about it, I was reluctant to try pickleball when I was first invited.  I am so grateful that people kept after me to play pickleball challengeand didn’t give up the first time I said “no”.  Likewise, there are some tennis friends I have asked a dozen or more times to give it a try.  I’m confident with time, my passion and love for this sport will peak their interest, just as it did mine a few years ago.

Once they come out and play, the welcoming environment they are sure to encounter will keep them hooked!

I am continually fascinated by the people I meet playing pickleball.  I have met Olympians and former professional athletes.  The first time they play they may have seemed clueless, but with a little guidance, they can be really good at this sport.

So let me offer you this pickleball challenge.  Take a minute to think of someone and give them an extra nudge.  You bring one player into pickleball and, in time, they bring one and so on.

2 thoughts on “My Pickleball Challenge for You

  1. Thank you thank you for sharing these words. We’re having growing pains in our town – running out of INDOOR places to play! Sooo, now starting to challenge folks to find outdoor courts – which sounds easy but met with resistance from the comfort of indoor venues! Holding a February 14th social at a new city outdoor playground – will take painters tape and picnic food and see if we can get others hooked on playing outdoors! I tell players here all the time that the pros play most of their tourneys outdoors! Besides – I think you can BALANCE indoor with outdoor play and BREATHE better air outside – and BELIEVE this sport is going to do nothing but groooooow! Thanks for the push Sarah!

  2. Always find your posts helpful. I find wearing a shirt that says “Pickleball ” gets people very curious. They ask what is Pickleball ?. I tell them all about it, encourage them to check it out on UTube and also invite them to come and give it a try.

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