Video Analysis of Your Pickleball Game

Linh and I made a few big decisions when we uprooted our lives and decided to travel around the country one pickleball court at a time. I would say we made a simple mission statement. “We wanted to contribute to players who do not have as much access to the sport.  We wanted to go to small towns and visit courts some players never see and help grow this sport as much as we could.”

video analysis
One Pickleball Court at a Time

We have actually found going to smaller towns has been so rewarding and fun. We have seen parts of this country we never thought we would.  We find it amazing that we can feel at home almost anywhere in the country.  However, our video analysislist is still very long as it relates to places we haven’t gone to yet, but would like to.

I will admit that I get a lot of emails from this website, and messages on Facebook.  And though I try to answer every one, sometimes an email will get lost in the shuffle.  If I haven’t responded to your request, please try to contact me again.

On some occasions, after doing a few clinics, we have been asked to come back and offer an in depth 3-day Ansboury Academy.  We have been able to arrange this in a few cities, and hope to continue to offer this in the future.

Video Analysis

I also know not everyone has the ability to travel to one of my Academies or clinics or has enough players at their location to allow me to come to them.  We all know that there are a lot of instructional pickleball videos on YouTube, and lots of blog posts we can read. However, there is nothing like having individual attention…our bodies are all different and something I might say to one player may be entirely different for another player.

The great news is there is another option available to you…video analysis.  By leveraging the great technology we all have available today, we can jumpstart your game via video analysis.

Some people will just want to get some help with a particular shot.  Perhaps they are having difficulty with their third shot drop. Others will ask me to look at an entire game and provide feedback on strategy…or ask me to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses so they can create a plan for improvement.

Helping Players Wherever They May Be

video analysisI want to be able to get my hands on every individual out there that wants to improve their game.  We have readers in India, Finland, the United Kingdom, etc.  Video analysis can provide you personal instruction regardless of where you live or where we might be.

Video analysis can be customized to whatever areas you want to work on.  It can be as narrow as a single stroke, or much broader.  After I provide you my feedback, you and I can talk…ask me any questions you might have.

Video analysis is a great learning tool that many other sports use and something that everyone has the ability to do. I always tell people at the end of every clinic, “Don’t be afraid to use the resources in front of you. Don’t be afraid to reach out and don’t be afraid to ask what you need for your own personal game.”

If you are interested in learning more about my video analysis services, click here.