My Pickleball New Year Resolution

Have you set a New Year resolution? I don’t think I have ever actually ever set one. However, I am big on setting goals.  Today I share with you, my pickleball New Year resolution.


pickleball new year resolution

Must Have a Goal

I find it nearly impossible to work on anything important if I haven’t set a goal.  Without a goal, I seem to just go through the motions.  Whether it be in open play, in planning for a tournament or creating a plan to improve while drilling with a partner.  Goals for me are vitally important.

Pickleball New Year Resolution:  Fitness

pickleball new year resolutionIn looking back over the last year I realized that my fitness level has declined a bit.  In part, because I used our hectic travel schedule as an excuse.  This past month, I have been able to stay in one place for a longer period of time and I have committed to getting my fitness back on track.  I’ve had to set a routine and commit to it.  Frankly, it has been made easier by that fact that a friend is up and doing it with me!

Resolution or Pickleball Goal

I am not sure I think of this as a pickleball New Year resolution, rather I choose to think of it as a goal for 2017.  I want to improve my fitness and help the “pickleballers” I work with to become more aware and committed to their own fitness.   This is important not only as a way to get better but as an important factor in managing one’s health and preventing injuries.

I am working on some fitness videos specifically for pickleball, as well as drill videos for an upcoming book.  I am really excited about this!  We will also be expanding academies to California, Florida, and Delaware.  I have started working with a company that has a wonderful training system and will be incorporating it into my Academies as well.

I’m Excited

One of the things we have enjoyed so much this year is hearing from the players we have worked with about their successes. Nothing makes me happier than to see people excited to apply what they learned in a clinic, private lesson or Academy.  This is a thrilling time to be involved in pickleball. We are seeing so much growth in the game!  More places to play… people of all ages involved…more tournaments…and publicity too.  Not only in this country but literally around the world.

It’s gratifying to see the positive effects this sport has had on people, especially related to health.  I can’t wait to see what this sport will look like at this time next year.  Until then, I want to encourage you to make health and fitness a pickleball New Year resolution too.